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Reinvigorating a brand

Developing a communications strategy to bring biodiversity to life.

The client

UNEP-WCMC, the specialist biodiversity assessment arm of the United Nations Environment Programme, approached KISS to develop a communications strategy in order to demonstrate the passion the company has for diversity, the environment and the natural world.

Our challenge

To develop a communications strategy that conveyed the vibrancy of UNEP-WCMC’s work

To articulate UNEP-WCMC’s purpose and offer

To generate collateral to bring the brand to life

The KISS solution

First, KISS facilitated a workshop with UNEP-WCMC to uncover the organisation’s purpose and proposition, and to prioritise and flesh out its target audiences. Based on this, KISS developed a detailed communications strategy which elaborated how to achieve the objectives against each priority audience. Simultaneously, KISS constructed the organisation’s elevator speech and boiler plate, a tight summation of UNEP-WCMC’s raison d’être and offer.


Bringing the UNEP-WCMC brand to life was an absolute joy for the KISS design team, allowing them to explore and utilise stunning imagery from across the natural world. A particular highlight was being able to use photography of a frog discovered by UNEP-WCMC and named after the scientist who discovered it.

KISS is now working closely with UNEP-WCMC to develop its social media strategy and to educate its team on social best practice.