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KISS Future provides proposition workshop for SEEE (Social Enterprise East of England)

06 November, 2012 Reading: 2:25 mins

KISS Future provides proposition workshop for SEEE (Social Enterprise East of England)

Social Enterprise East of England (SEEE), the membership organisation for social enterprises in the East of England which provides members with opportunities for inter-trading, joint contract bids, and access to peer support has completed a define, focus, position workshop with KISS Future. The workshop was prompted in response to recent governmental changes which have seen funding withdrawn from the organisation resulting in a need to redefine SEEE’s direction for the future. The focus of the three hour workshop was to work collaboratively to help the SEEE board articulate exactly what their offer is, and to whom. Ben Higham, Chair at Social Enterprise East of England (SEEE), said: “Reviewing an organisation's aims and value proposition is never an easy process, there are inevitably diverse perspectives to be reconciled. The people from KISS were very professional, providing a supportive but challenging context for our discussions, resulting in a strong consensus across the board, and a clearly defined sense of direction and renewed purpose for the company.” KISS Future helps companies define, focus and position their brands to drive business growth. Competitive advantage, increased customer loyalty and higher margins are just some of the key benefits that KISS Future can bring to companies. Over a period of three hours KISS Future facilitated the board to: o Define the organisation’s current environment – SEEE’s offering and competitive landscape o Focus on where SEEE want to be – target audience and proposition o How to position the brand – tone of voice, personality and essence Sarah Reakes, Strategy Planner at KISS Communications explained, “Working with the board of SEEE as part of our ongoing CSR strategy has been a real pleasure. SEEE now has the ammunition they need to re-launch the organisation to a clearly defined audience with a meaningful and clearly differentiated proposition.” Sarah concluded, “It is easy to overcomplicate the process when in fact a strategy can be developed in three simple steps: define, focus, position. It’s a bit like map reading – step one; work out where you are now, step two; establish where you want to get to and step three; decide how you are going to travel.” If you are interested in finding a unique and inspiring vision for your business then call Sarah Reakes, Strategy Planner, KISS Future on 01223 911123 for an informal, no obligation chat or alternatively email

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