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KISS is delighted to announce it will be sponsoring The Innovation Forum Leaders Conference, taking place in Oxford on 4th-5th of December 2017.

Victoria Ellis, Account Director, will lead the account. She said: “We are all excited to collaborate with The Innovation Forum. It is great to work with such a vast amount of industry leaders, and it will further cement our expertise in science, technology and education.”

The Innovation Forum is a network of industry, academia and government bodies who gather to discuss technology and science evolution. The network of 10,000 innovators strive to accelerate the evolution of science and technology, by generating partnerships through the Leaders Conference.

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare sectors are central to The Innovation Forum’s annual Leadership Conference which features inspirational speeches from worldwide science and technology pioneers.

Executive Chairman of The Innovation Forum, Dr Marek Tyl added: “The Innovation Forum is a fantastic opportunity for both budding entrepreneurs and established companies to network and build new collaborations. We are very fortunate to have some renowned industry experts and leading academics at this event and we hope the delegates will take full advantage of that, building new partnerships and securing investments for their exciting science ventures”.

The Innovation Forum will benefit from the partnership with KISS, by gaining PR opportunities and marketing collateral to raise awareness of the Leaders Conference in December 2017.