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Hugh Massam

Senior PR Associate

Humans are still drawn to a good, meaningful story well told. I enjoy finding the gold that makes a story come to life.
Hugh Massam - Senior PR Associate

Hugh worked for Shell around the world for over a decade in New Zealand, Australia and at global HQ in Den Haag, The Netherlands. He relocated to the UK in 2010 where he worked as a senior change leader at EON so he is no stranger to complex organisations, tricky media engagements or managing multiple stakeholders.

With over 15 years in-house in communications roles for blue-chip companies on three continents in internal comms, media relations and change projects, Hugh is now a senior KISS associate usually focused on creating engaging content around complex topics.

He blogs regularly for KISS and on behalf of clients and enjoys working on internal comms projects and with leadership teams facing change. He is also a bit of a magpie – he loves learning about shiny new concepts and technologies. So far that’s included a smart-home kit to watch pets, 8K TVs and solar panels on the moon. When not working he likes to sing or cycle, ideally both at the same time.