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Adam Andrews

Head of Digital

Adam Andrews - Head of Digital

Adam is Head of Digital at KISS, working with clients to define and realise their digital strategy. He oversees the entire lifecycle of projects, ensuring experience is at the heart of all digital output.

Trained in interface design, he has a deep understanding of user behaviour, often producing user journeys and wireframes which act as an initial prototype that answer the agreed objectives. On occasion he’s also responsible for the final designs which are built by KISS’ development team which he manages on a day-to-day basis.

He began his career as a Web Designer and worked on accounts for Credit Suisse, Titleist and Multiyork before founding a digital agency in 2003. He was their Creative Director for 10 years, managing and designing web-led projects for the likes of Heinz and numerous global sponsors of 4 Olympic and Winter Olympic events. In 2013 he sold his share of the business to pursue a freelance lifestyle working for various creative tech-led agencies in Cambridge and London. He joined KISS full time late in 2014 after a period of contracting for the agency.

His experience spans websites, apps and other interfaces, ranging from those to be viewed in the hand through to large touchscreen walls.