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Our award-winning creative team work alongside our content experts to craft strong and powerful ideas to deliver on your business marketing objectives.

Whether it’s an advertising campaign, brand identity or a beautifully designed website we can help and act as an extension of your team with a fresh perspective, to achieve your potential.

This powerful video has really captured the essence of CAMFED and brought it to life with gorgeous animations.

Anke Adams

Director of Communications, CAMFED

Blending creativity with strategy for cut-through results

  • Advertising campaigns

    Whether your business is B2B or B2C, advertising that engages emotionally is more effective. We create powerful advertising campaigns to connect with your audience emotionally and tell a story to drive brand stand-out with longevity.

  • Brand identity

    We’re experts at creating and evolving brand identities. We’ll help you articulate your vision – this goes far beyond a logo and includes balancing all the symbols and features that make your brand unique including its name, logo, strapline tone of voice and design elements such as fonts, colours and styling.

  • Content production

    We have a broad content capability with in-house content creation experts. We’re storytellers at heart and can produce content from blogs, thought leadership and white papers to video and social media content. We’re highly skilled at identifying the best opportunities and ‘hooks’ for your brand, developing compelling brand stories and engaging, creative content that will help you reach and engage your audience.

  • Creative concepts and ideas

    It all starts with an idea but having an idea isn't just the classic 'lightbulb' moment - we'll make sure it aligns with your strategy and direction too. We always aim to bring you a few ideas, then we can work on refining and sharpening them together. At that point - it’s time for us to bring it to life.

  • Naming

    Creating a distinctive name for your business is a key brand component. KISS has a well-established process for developing brand or product names to ensure that they’re aligned to a brand’s values and mission, reflects its positioning and lets your personality shine through.

  • Video and animation

    We have in-house expertise and capability to produce impactful, compelling video. This includes storyboarding, script writing, filming and soundtracks. We can flex to create long and short formats for campaigns, social media and advertising, live, on-location shoots and animation including scientific mode of action videos. We can also help orchestrate shoots remotely, with self-filmed content guided by our experts.

  • Website design (UX and UI)

    Developing wireframes (blueprints) helps with early visualisation of content structure to demonstrate layout, content and functionality. This is the first stage of prototyping and in some instances some basic HTML development occurs to further prove validity of concepts.

    Our expert web developers evolve these into a design to demonstrate behaviour across all breakpoints (mobile up to desktop), along with the creation of any other sitewide styles to cover all requirements of build. In conjunction with this, specific assets often need to be sourced or designed including images, icons and diagrams.

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