We’re proud to have built up a strong technology portfolio including The Technology Partnership (TTP), Amino Technology, Bacs, IMServ, PhixFlow, ViewRanger, SureFlap and WiSpire. Our team has amassed experience working with some of the biggest brand names in the industry including Oracle, Microsoft, Nokia, Jagex, Cisco, Seagate and ARM. With offices in the golden technology triangle of Cambridge, London and Oxford, we are in a good position to support businesses, from early start-ups spinning out of Cambridge University and Oxford University, to global companies such as Microsoft.


Turning complex, often highly technical information into an easily digestible, compelling marketing communications campaign is what we excel at.

Whether you’re an established brand or a newcomer to the market, you demand the same core outcomes – to get your story across in an interesting, effective way to the right people at the right time.

That’s why we have the same rigorous planning process for a small-scale, highly targeted B2B campaign as we do for a large-scale, national B2C one. It informs everything we do and provides a clear road map for our clients’ journey.

The culmination of this is a simple but powerful single idea that will work across your whole marketing plan – from website and advertising to social and PR. It is the foundation on which every great campaign is built, no matter how complex your technology is.

Why choose KISS?

Our unique, strategy-led approach to technological marketing challenges seems to have struck a real chord with the tech sector.

We’re able to boast an expanding client roster of tech leaders and exciting, cutting-edge innovators who are set – with our help – to become tomorrow’s global giants.

By choosing KISS as a partner, we can draw upon our in-house expertise as well as our overseas alliances to develop hugely effective campaigns across the whole marketing spectrum – online and offline.

We ensure that your main website, your B2B emails, and your social media and PR activity all speak with the same brand voice, to optimise every aspect of your marketing spend.

We were delighted to win two Queen's Awards and were keen to celebrate this achievement with all our staff. The team at KISS Communications was great to work with and their ideas and concepts were an immediate hit with us. They interpreted the brief we gave them with creativity, and pulled everything together in a relatively short period, demonstrating a high level of efficiency, an eye for detail and professionalism.

Guy Tremayne

Marketing Manager, Johnson Matthey