KISS and Isle Interactive join forces as perfect partners
KISS and Isle Interactive join forces
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Basia Shadbolt

Head of Finance

Effective decision making is a simple combination of facts, reliable data and successful, proven strategies. If you make room for ‘gut feeling’ along the way, you will deliver the winning formula with results that ‘feel’ right too.
Basia Shadbolt - Head of Finance

Basia is all about numbers and the story behind them. She keeps us up to date, running efficiently and financially fit. With over a decade of experience in finance and operations, Basia honed her versatile skills across a range of industries including tourism, software development, biotechnology, and educational and social enterprises.

Her work has been centred around finance administration, software rollouts and updates, better internal processes and insightful financial analysis. She has expanded her business knowledge with KISS and enjoys being part of the company’s continued growth and success.

Basia is a fully qualified AAT accountant and a recent graduate from the Open University.