Theo Pepper

Account Executive

Theo Pepper | Account Executive

Theo joined KISS as an intern in July 2017, and became a permanent team member in October.

Theo has never been one to stick to a particular discipline – showing interest in politics, science, technology, music and design throughout his young adult life. He studied A-Levels in Government & Politics, Music Technology and Mathematics, at Hills Road Sixth Form College. He draws on this diverse array of interests to apply his skills in writing and communication to clients from a wide range of industries.

Theo works on advertising campaigns for Kramp and Cambridge University Press, contributes to branding and messaging workshops, and supports with strategy and digital when needed.

Aside from his day-to-day tasks as an Account Executive, Theo also assists the creative team using his experience with audio and video equipment and software. He is also a go-to team member for help with proofreading, Excel formulae and minor tech support issues.

Theo has lived in Cambridge his entire life excluding five months in Melbourne, Australia in 2017. Despite the far superior weather, he cut his visit short in July and came home early. Theo is an adept guitarist, and a big fan of audio production and sound design. He thinks that the team would be interested in hearing about digital convolution reverb but has respected their requests for him to stop talking about it.