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Alex Larkinson

Senior Account Executive

Alex Larkinson Senior Account Executive

Alex is a Senior Account Executive, having joined KISS in November 2015. He studied History at the University of Manchester, before completing his Masters at the University of Oxford.

He currently works on a range of accounts, including Bayer, Cambridge English and VOX SP, and has previously worked with businesses including Sepura, Durbin, Trinity Set & Stage, IMServ, WiSpire and ViewRanger. These have given him considerable experience in the agriculture, education and technology sectors.

During his time at KISS, Alex has demonstrated his ability to consistently produce quality content for his clients – whether that involves writing incisive thought-leadership articles for the national press or producing informational videos for use on social media. He has also written numerous articles on behalf of KISS, which have received coverage in publications including Cambridge News.

His writing expertise and brand knowhow have also been employed in everything from messaging workshops and brand strategy to website development, and he’s always looking to find the perfect PR angle for his clients, believing that any topic on Earth can be made captivating with the right approach.

Alex has a keen interest in history (not all of it, but large chunks), film (not all of them, but large numbers) and football (all of it). He also tries to play hockey at Cambridge South Hockey Club, much to the embarrassment of his teammates.