Chase Clemens

Account Executive

chase clemens ls

Chase joined the KISS team in September 2017 as an Account Executive, after moving from Southern California. Chase is excited about having the opportunity to live in a new country and is naively positive about adjusting to the UK weather.

While pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising, from the University of Oregon, he served as a Marketing Intern for a non-profit food bank in Oregon. Learning essential skills that formed the basis of his knowledge of marketing. He has also gained management experience whilst working as a Management Intern at Fred Meyer/Kroger. Realising that marketing was where his passion lies, he decided to work for his university’s advertising team.

As an Account Executive at KISS, Chase plays an integral role in supporting Account Directors and clients. He mostly reports to our Head of Account Service, Anthea Hughes, on a variety of marketing and communication projects. Chase’s most recent project was to help manage the brand launch of a leading global POP supplier, VOX Supply Partners, and has recently worked on other accounts including IESO Digital Health. He looks forward to continuing to work closely with KISS’s clients in the science, technology and education sectors as well as other local based businesses as a new member of the Cambridge community.

Chase’s interests outside of brand marketing include sports nutrition, playing ice hockey and he is always up for a training session at the gym. If you know Chase well enough, you will also know that he is a porridge enthusiast and has an Instagram for his amazing porridge creations.