Emma joined KISS in October 2019 after graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a first-class honours in Fashion Marketing and Branding.

At university Emma explored how brands become distinctive and desirable, developing skills in marketing strategy, communications strategy, branding, design, online user experience and product development. Whilst also looking at how brands communicate with consumers through innovative ideas and enhancing creative skills.

Having worked at events such as London Fashion Week and Graduate Fashion Week, Emma brings experience in social media, events and digital to our team with an added creative flair.

Emma is fascinated by the topic of big data and data tracking, focusing her final university project on this subject area. Emma says: ‘I find it fascinating that technology now defines virtually every domain of our existence. As a result, brands are now able to collect and use an abundance of consumer data every single second of the day. In today’s society brands know more about you than your parents do, which is a concept I find unbelievably interesting however also somewhat terrifying.’

Emma also enjoys traveling and recently spent five months solo traveling around Australia before beginning her graduate career.