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07 November, 2019

World Cup Lessons

I really enjoyed the Rugby World Cup , and we should be pretty proud of how England played. I’ve always disliked sports …

04 November, 2019

Influencer marketing – it’s as easy as 1, 2 ,3

I was recently at the EMEA PROI conference in Prague and was asked several great questions around influencer marketing …

29 October, 2019

KISS team continues to grow

KISS has announced the appointment of David Isaacson to the role of Head of Strategy, Laura Ketteridge as Senior …

18 October, 2019

Managing your brand in a ‘fake news’ world

‘Fake news’ isn’t even news any more. Donald Trump is right in one way: as online ‘news’ sites proliferate daily, and …

08 October, 2019

Admitting weakness is not a weakness

KISS junior strategic planner James, who recently completed an MSC in Brand Leadership at the University of East …

30 September, 2019

Proud to be a member of the Public Relations Organisation International (PROI)

Last week three of us headed over to the European PROI conference in Prague. This year’s theme was centred on ‘Building …

26 September, 2019

Storytelling needs to be at the heart of what you do

At KISS we’re firm believers in the power of engaging with audiences and doing this through emotional brand …

24 September, 2019

The power of words

Some words are so powerful they are banned.

17 September, 2019

Declutter your brand

I recently read another piece on decluttering your home , as espoused by clear-out guru Marie Kondo. This got me …

05 September, 2019

Social credit is starting to bite

YouTube bristles with ‘Black Mirror’ reviews, some deciding which of its dystopian views of tech gone wrong is nearest …

30 August, 2019

Time Out and brand extensions

Recent experience in the first-ever Time Out Market in Lisbon got me thinking. Why a food hall, why now, and what can …

22 August, 2019

Don’t ditch the media training!

I’ve lost count of how many times in my (very lengthy!) PR career I have recommended to clients that they should be …